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The action "Invisible monuments…Digital Memory" has as main objective to motivate people through new technologies to meet the city’s less known past. Seven archaeological sites, largely unknown, “hidden” and therefore functionally invisible, were selected to be at the spot light through the use of new technologies and social media. Posters with QR codes will provide the basic information on the archaeological sites in a precise and attractive way with texts and photos. In addition, the possibility of leaving comments and interacting with other users allows, besides knowledge, also the formation of an empirical connection, of personal memories to these archaeological sites.

The action will be held in the framework of the European Cultural Heritage Days the last weekend of September (24-25 September) and will last a week until the 2nd of October 2016. It is implemented by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under European NEARCH project "New Scenarios for a Community Involved Archaeology".

The greatest pursuit of people behind this action is to encourage the public to gain personal experiences, personal stories and little personal memories in relation to the invisible past of the city and to express that through words and images to our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We invite you to do so!

Moreover, your opinion is invaluable to us. You would help us a lot if you could spare a few minutes and fill in our questionnaire. The project do not collect personal data and all the questionnaires will be anonymously. For the first one hundred lucky ones who complete the questionnaire there will be a surprise gift!

Kostas Kotsakis

Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, AUTH
Project coordinator

Kostas Kasvikis

Associate Professor of History and Culture Education, University of Western Macedonia
External expert

Matoula Scaltsa

Professor of History of Art and Museology, AUTH, Head of the Interuniversity Postgraduate Programme “Museology - Cultural Management”

Eleftheria Theodoroudi

Archaeologist – Museologist, PhD candidate AUTH
Project planning-coordinating

Kleopatra Alagialoglou

Architect – Museologist, TETRAGON Ltd
Graphic design

Leonidas Touroutoglou

Web development

Loukia Argyriadou

Manager – Museologist
Communication manager

Kalliopi Kotsaga

Archaeologist, University of Leiden
Text translation
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