There are no remnants of the settlement. However, you can visit the prehistoric collection of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, located just from across the site, and experience how prehistoric people lived.

04Neolithic settlement at Thessaloniki International Fair

Histories of Thessaloniki usually begin with its foundation by Cassander in 315 BCE. In fact, the history of the city goes several thousand years before that date. The archaeological evidence for this first period are few, rare and consist primarily of random findings from rescue excavations.Rescue excavation is the excavation conducted for rescuing antiquities that are revealed during construction works that would otherwise be destroyed. They are conducted by the local Archaeological Services of the Ministry of Culture. Such a chance find is the prehistoric settlement discovered in the TIF area in 1992-93 during the construction of the Vellideio conference center. The settlement dates back almost 8000 years before today. In an area of more or less 800 m2 archaeologists found pits of various sizes and shapes that were used as waste dumps, as storage and subterranean dwellings. The findings were pottery, tools of stone and bone, weaving tools and jewelry. This settlement is the oldest known human settlement in the location where the city of Thessaloniki was developed thousands of years later.

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