If you wish to learn more about the first Christians of Thessaloniki, their customs, lifestyle and cult, you should visit the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

07Sergios Pragamas’ Temple

You are standing at 8 Baltadorou street, a small alley in the city center, keeping another secret of this town: the Temple of Sergios Pragamas. The church lies beneath a building and was discovered in 1888 during the drilling of a well. It is a small cult construction which was founded in the place of a roman bath, converting one room with an eastern orientation into the sanctuary’s niche. On the right wall a dedicatory mosaic inscriptionDedicatory inscription is the text referring to the founder; that is the person who built or/and maintains the temple. was preserved, in which Sergios Pragamas is mentioned. The temple dates from the 5th century A.D. and is one of the first sites dedicated to Christian worship in the city. Although the Archaeological Service has included the church in the spatial plan of Thessaloniki, in 1970 a building was built on top reburying the preserved church deep within its foundations and as a result the access is limited.

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